We hope the terms and conditions under which we welcome guests to Frenchman's River are easy to understand .

However, if you have any concerns, or we can answer any questions, please contact Posie, Kate or Andrew on

0466 790 142


  • CONFIRMATION: a booking is only confirmed, and dates blocked in the Frenchman's River calendar, once full payment has been received

  • IN 2019: a three (3) night minimum-stay policy applies

  • EASTER & CHRISTMAS 2019: a four (4) night minimum-stay policy applies


By making a booking at Frenchman's River, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions set out on this website in various places; and, most particularly, that  you have read this section: TERMS & CONDITIONS.


Government Regulations prohibit smoking within the interiors of both  houses at Frenchman's River 

Between November 01 and March 31 in any year, please do not smoke outside either house*

Between April 01 and October 31 in any year, smoking is permitted outside but not within 3 metres (3m) of any external door at either house.

At our sole discretion, we will charge $500 for cleaning & de-oderising fee if the interior non-smoking Condition is ignored.

* Frenchman's River is in a rural area and the houses are set amongst paddocks, 

In Spring and Summer between November and March (or such other dates as the Tasmanian Fire Service may publicise  from time to time), please do not smoke outside as cigarettes and naked flames are a fire hazard. 


All Frenchman's River accommodation is designed for adults only. 

Your visitors are welcome but should unauthorised guest(s) stay overnight, you will be charged an extra $300 per night per person at our sole discretion .  

If a booking is terminated by us for any breach of the Terms and Conditions applying at Frenchman's River, or for aggressive or antisocial behaviour at any time (to be determined by us at our sole discretion), then the balance of the tariff paid for the accommodation at the time of booking  (if any) will not be refunded. And you will be asked to leave forthwith.


Personal items that are lost, damaged, or left behind during or after your stay with us are your responsibility. However,  items subsequently found by us after your departure  may be returned to you by mutual agreement.

Fair wear and tear - including accidental breakage - is not charged for; however damage to furniture, furnishings , fittings, artwork or the fabric of the buildings will be charged to you at full replacement cost at our sole discretion.


Frenchman's River is not a party or event venue.

To ensure peaceful enjoyment of Frenchman's River for us, our other guests and our neighbours (who are our friends) we have a strict "no party" policy. 

Should this fundamental condition of occupancy be breached by you and/or the property is left in a dirty, damaged or unreasonably untidy state at the conclusion of your booking (to be determined by us at our sole discretion), you will be charged a cleaning fee of a minimum of $500, plus the full replacement cost of any damaged or lost items of equipment and/or furnishings.


We hope you enjoy exploring the farm paddocks, roads and tracks that surround the accommodation houses here (and become friends with our cows and marsupial neighbours.) However, if you'd like to go for  walk on the property, please do let us know first. Frenchman's River is a working cattle farm and as such,  present hazards and dangers you might not encounter elsewhere.

Such dangers and hazards can include, but are not limited to, uneven and/or rough ground, a large unfenced dam, high winds and changing weather, plus the  use of mechanised farming equipment which may be unfamiliar to you. Falling limbs from trees can also be of concern in long dry spells or windy weather.

In practise what these  unexpected dangers mean is that if you enter the farm as a paying guest at one of the accommodation houses at Frenchman's River, you do so absolutely at your own risk and we will not accept liability of any kind whatsoever should you be injured in any way on the farm property.

For your own safety AT ALL TIMES, please do not enter paddocks where stock are present.

This especially applies if the cows have calves at foot (the mothers may become protective and aggressive) or if there is a bull in any of the paddocks; bulls can be extremely dangerous.

We also ask that you close all gates behind you. And, please also note that all smooth-wire fences are electrified; a shock may result if touched (an unpleasant experience!)

There is also a large unfenced dam on the property. Its depth is variable and the bottom is soft mud. It is also home to a pair of platypuses. Please do not swim in  the water as it is not fit for human consumption and cattle drink from it.

In summer, too, please be aware that snakes are attracted to water.

Should you see a snake near the dam or the creek that feeds it, please move away slowly and deliberately and leave the animal to its own devices.


Like most of Australia, Southern Tasmania occasionally experiences bush fires. Each house at Frenchman's River has a guest manual with advice about what to be aware of during the summer fire season (generally between the beginning  of November and end March). If you have any concerns at all, please contact us.


To confirm your reservation, full payment must be made at the time of booking via EFT or credit card (VISA or MasterCard); contact Frenchman's River for details on 0466 790 142 or  see the Booking page.

By making full payment when you book,  it is expressly understood by us and by you that you have read, understood and accepted our Terms & Conditions.


Cancellation made less than 14 calendar days of the booked arrival date incurs a 100% cancellation penalty (that is, there will be no refund of your booking payment/tariff.)

For example: if, say, your booking commences on December 4th in any year and you do not try to cancel until after  November 20th - that is, inside 14 days of your arrival -  then your booking payment /tariff will not be returned.

If you cancel your stay earlier than 14 calendar days - i.e. outside 14 days of your arrival - then your booking fee/tariff will be returned less 10%. 

For example, if your booking commences on December 1st but you cancel on, say, 16th of November, or earlier, then 90% of your booking payment/tariff will be refunded to you.

If you do not arrive on the day of your booking, no repayment of the booking fee/tariff will be made.

We encourage you to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

We, the owners, reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.