The Dream

Was to run away…
To serenity. And beauty
To share a hidden valley of hundreds of acres
And to wander beside the Frenchman’s River,
The mighty Huon that rolls into Cygnet Bay.
To be in touch with nature again
To sink into views of water & paddocks & trees
To watch eagles & blue wrens instead of traffic
To see the sunset & the stars
And hold your breath in wonder
As an Aurora fills the sky.
Remember how good the simple things can be?
To eat and drink with pleasure
To sleep like a child
To be content in the moment
To breathe peace and pure air.
Two hundred years ago, French Explorers sailed into Cygnet Bay and thought themselves in paradise. They were right.
Now, you can see what they saw, saunter the shoreline of the Bay and come back again to your home on the hill above the harbour.
Back to comfort, to wood fires, good food, fine wine and soft deep beds. And remember, all over again, how good life can be.
This is Frenchman’s River. It waits for you.